Nitro Coffee

Learn about Nitro Coffee, what the benefits are and what to expect - along with quick guides on how to make it!

What is Nitro Coffee?

Nitro coffee has quickly come many peoples go to coffee. For a long time it could only be purchased in supermarkets by the can or in coffee shops which have a large draught keg system to produce the drink. The NitroPress is the first in the world to enable the user to create Nitro coffee at home.

The Nitrogen infusion creates a smooth creamy texture, much like a Guinness, without any need for dairy. The addition of the Nitrogen also creates a cascade when poured, which then results in a foamy head, even in black coffee. 

Using top engineers, NitroPress is proud to produce world class design with the ultimate tasting coffee.

Nitro Benefits

Plant based, Sugar free, Eco friendly.

There are many benefits to using the NitroPress. In terms of its drinking qualities, Nitro coffee is smoother, sweeter, and less acidic than hot coffee. There are huge health benefits as the Nitrogen gas makes a creamy coffee with no dairy, appealing to dairy free diets including keto and plant based. It is also naturally sweetened during the infusion process which makes it a sugar free drink. 

The financial benefits are undeniable - making your Nitro coffee at home averages at under $1 per cup using our Nitro chargers. There are also obvious environmental benefits from not visiting the coffee shops and using one use take-away coffee cups regularly. The introduction of the NitroPress DS has also taken our carbon conscience to the next level, enabling the user to create ‘waste free’ Nitro coffee for the first time.

The process begins by creating cold brew coffee which can be tailored to your personal taste and requirements.

How to make your own nitro coffee


Grind 52g of whole coffee beans of your choice coarsely and combine with 448g of water.


Store and allow to steep over night for around 12 hours. During this time the coffee slowly infuses into the water, creating a strong concentrated brew.


Pour into the NitroPress and infuse with one Nitro charger to produce two servings.