The all new NitroPress DS

The NitroPress DS is a revolutionary new nitro drink machine for cold brew, cocktails and juices. Say goodbye to single-use gas chargers and say hello to a quick and sustainable way to create nitro drinks.

In 2018 we designed the worlds first nitro coffee dispenser The Original NitroPress and innovation has been part of our DNA ever since. We've spent the past 2 years designing and developing the worlds first nitro docking station to provide unlimited power for our flagship NitroPress. Available now in three new colours; Ruby Red, Crayon and Carbon Black

Next Level Nitro

Reduce single use

Taking nitrogen from the air in your kitchen the DS removes the need for single use Nitro chargers making it the most sustainable way to produce Nitro drinks for the first time ever.

Professional and home use

The NitroPress DS is for home and professional users. The convenience and ease, along with the efficient running costs mean it’s perfect for a professional kitchen as well as home use.

Versatile application range

The DS can produce a wide array of Nitro drinks. It also retains the use of Cream and Soda chargers enabling users to produce soda drinks, whipped cream, culinary foams and rapid infusions.

How to use the DS

The NitroPress Docking Station in action.

The concept was conceived through realising the need for a sustainable and commercially effective solution to creating nitro drinks. The design brief was simple - create an easy to use, professional grade machine that was sustainable, intuitive and retained all the great features of the Original NitroPress. The DS is exactly that - fill with your drink of choice, screw the head unit on, dock down and pressurise in seconds. Its as simple as that. 

Existing Science. Novel Technology.

Key Features & Specs

• Zero running costs
• 110v and 240v compatible
• No nitro gas chargers required
• 10 second quick charge
• Compact design
• Size
• Customisable colours
• Patented nitro infusion technology
• Retains compatibility with other gas chargers